Nos Présidents européens mis à l’honneur

Antoinette Grosman (Présidente des amis belges), Martine Dassault  (ancienne Présidente des amis français) et Alain Meyer (Président des amis luxembourgeois) faisaient parties des personnes honorées cette année par l’Université Hébraïque de Jérusalem qui leur a attribué un Honorary Felowship pour leur soutien inconditionnel et leur investissement dans la promotion de l’UHJ.

Après une belle cérémonie empreinte d’émotion, Antoinette Grosman a pris la parole au nom de tous les récipiendaires. Son discours rédigé avec  la collaboration de sa fille Sandra s’est achevé par une standing ovation de toute la salle.

Discours Antoinette Grosman :


Mr President of the University,

Dear Governors,

Dear Friends,

Dear Families,

Dear Fellow Honorees,


First of all I would like to thank Hebrew University for bestowing upon us this token of appreciation. On behalf of my Fellow Honorees let me say how grateful we are to be so honored.


HU was founded 100 years ago by Einstein, Freud, Buber and Weizman among others. They were visionaries and we are incredibly proud to do our part in continuing their project well into the 21st century.


We come from different countries, different cultures and different backgrounds; our life journeys have been varied and our achievements many.


And here we are , assembled and it is not by chance. We are here because we know our achievements last longer when we give back; it is our duty and our fulfillment to help the next generations strive for Excellence. We are here because we wish to continue contributing in our different ways to Israel, to education and to the future of Hebrew University.


To Israel: We are here because we believe in its future - we need Israel to provide the beacon of safe harbor for all of us and we are working to help Israel become the beacon of enlightment it is meant to be.


To education :We all believe that knowledge moves humanity forward, that education is the most effective way out of poverty and out of violence and the single most important gateway to opportunity, to peace and to a better future. 


To Hebrew University: We are here because HU has throughout the years educated most of the executives, thinkers and leaders of Israeli society and will continue to nurture the brains of this country. We hope together that fundamental and applied Research will heal and feed the world. This is why we wish to be of service and contribute to the University’s advancement. 

As for me personally, I will tell you that I am here because my father, born in Poland, a homeless refugee in France after 1946, would always speak to me of Jerusalem with shining eyes and a smile. His last trip before he passed 45 years ago was to Jerusalem.

 Because ,during the Holocaust, while hiding in a confined space under a bed for 2 years ,he put his engineering degree to use and taught his 14 year old nephew , the only other survivor of their family, everything he knew about Maths,Physics, and Litterature and thus did not become mad with grief. He nurtured a young boy ,while both in a hopeless situation,who grew to be a great scientist and a world recognized business man.

 Because my mother, also born in Poland ,also a refugee in France , deprived of higher education because of World War 2 ,always told me that education was paramount to our survival and encouraged me to engage in Science; no matter that I was a girl! Few women at that time were given this push.. 

Higher education runs deep in our family; it made me who I am and enabled me to achieve professional success. My mission , our mission if you will, is to provide the young generations to come with the means to make the world smarter.


The challenges facing those future generations are great; the disruptions we are witnessing in all industries and all markets will keep occurring! Only the brightest and the most innovative will thrive. 


As we’ve heard in the conferences, knowledge and technology bring us a new world where the individual is the center of attention; we crave personalized customer or user experience, we demand personalized medicine. Next up is personalized education to give everyone the opportunity to be the best he or she can be. Bringing new lights on education and research using technology will untap great human potential. 

We’ve known this for a long time - King Salomon instructs us in the Book of Proverbs :

Hanokh Lanaar al pi darko

 Educate each child according to his own path.   


100 years ago, the founders laid Hebrew Universitys first cornerstone. The University has since established itself as a center for excellence, open to all.


In the next 100 years, we wish Hebrew University to become the world leading university it deserves to be. 


It is our greatest honor to support you to the best of our abilities.


Thank you.